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PostHeaderIcon Another Victory on the Festival of Cultures

In early March 2016, Ukrainian Gromada of Wellington for the second time presented Ukraine on the annual Festival of Cultures in Palmerston North, New Zealand and for the second time was granted the highest award - the Best Stall of the Festival.

Even though Ukrainian Gromada itself has extensive experience in organizing festivals, the one in Palmerston North was too big and popular to be taken easily.

All the preparations to the Festival started well in advance. There was lots of discussions on how to present Ukrainian culture in the best possible way, how to reflect the national spirit and vividly tell New Zealanders about Ukraine.
This time the team presenting Ukraine on the Festival was especially strong and collaborative. The Vorobey, Sanders, and Stepura committed the most of their effort when preparing for the Festival.

The day when the Festival began was very good. Lots of the Ukrainians visited our stall, stopped to introduce themselves and chat. Some of them, which was a real pleasure to see, were born far from Ukraine but managed to speak the Ukrainian perfectly.

Lead by Olga Vorobey, Ukrainian ladies cooked plenty of delicious national dishes to treat visitors. The menu included borshch, dumplings, pancakes, potato fritters and lots of other yummy goodies. There is no wonder the queue of those willing to try some of the Ukrainian cuisine was rather long. In addition, a nice contribution to borshch promotion was done by a witty picture painted by Tetyana Sanders.

And of course Ukrainian festive food is hard to imagine without a beautifully decorated bread – palanytsa. This was presented to the Festival by Alla Smal and looked more like a piece of art than food. It was well worth taking photos though!
However, delicious food was not the only attraction of the Ukrainian stall. There were also lots of different craft prepared especially for the Festival by talented Natalya Stepura, Tenyana Sanders, Alla Smal and Natalya Tsiganok.
Larysa Talalueva introduced New Zealanders to the beautiful collection of Ukranian postal stamps.

A special traditional spirit of the Ukrainian stall was created through a miniature exposition of a traditional Ukrainian country house – this was an idea and creation by Tetyana Sanders.
Live music from a half-Ukrainian band Bravo Ensemble (Sasha Gunchenko, Kristina Zelinska, and Emilio Bertrand) created cheerful and energetic atmosphere on the Festival.

We know that Ukrainian victory on the Festival is the result of contribution of many members of Ukrainian Gromada and we are grateful to each of you. Thank you very much to the Vorobey, Sanders, Stepura and also our lovely helpers Tetyana Iaroshenko, Tetyana Kravchuk, Helen Pokydko, Tetyana Kravchuk, Larysa Talalyeva, Julia Khrypko and Corinne Seals.

Especial thank you to Jeffry Sanders for all his help and support of Ukrainian Gromada.

For most of the Wellingtonians a trip to Palmerston North was quite long and tiring but nevertheless, you found time to get there to support Ukraine and we are really grateful to each of you Dear Friends!

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